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adidas Originals is the Sport Style arm of the adidas brand that celebrates creativity and originality.

The collection at Showroom 22 for spring/summer 2013/14 comprises the Jeremy Scott range, adidas Originals by Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, adidas Originals Tokyo, adidas Originals and the most current Originals Blue looks for New Zealand.

adidas Originals

adidas Originals By Bedwin & The Heartbreakers S/S 2013/14

adidas Originals join forces with Tokyo's Bedwin & The Heartbreakers for their first collaborative project.  

Famed for their unique take on American classics, this mainstay of Japanese streetwear offer their signature spin on the sporting tradition and iconic standards that have always been a part of the adidas Originals brand.

For their debut Fall Winter (Northern Hemisphere) 2013 season adidas and Bedwin rethink the iconic Three Stripes placing them in unexpected and unusual context.

Using archival pieces from both labels as a starting point, the range delivers vibrant, modern clothing centered around a strong primary color palette, bold hues inspired by 1970s adidas designs.

Everyday casuals mix with precise, tailored sportswear in a clean collection that draws inspiration from the past whilst celebrating forward thinking and originality.

adidas Originals S/S 2013/14

Treads die. That zebra print shirt you've been rocking for the past month may one day be an endangered species. Style, however, is a constant. True, original style takes years to craft and hone. It can completely reinvent itself and still remain classic. It can simultaneously touch on the past and reach for the future. It cannot be replicated.

The adidas fall/winter (Northern Hemisphere) 13 collection was not just made in one season; it has been developed over the past 65 years, from when the brand first tumbled forth into this world.  It seeks to preserve decades of style while embracing the new. Contemporary running shoes are juxtaposed with a basketball range inspired by the colour schemes of sports teams and icons from the 90s who shaped the streets back in the day.

The women's collection straddles high fashion and the grungy trendsetters stomping the streets of London. Jeremy Scott inspired sneaker wedges are paired with oversized parka jackets and understated beanies. Tartan staples and Nordic knitwear complete the collection, creating a classic look.

Meanwhile, the men's collection sees an aggressive twist on the preppy look, with chinos being paired with bomber jackets, hoodie-on-hoodie combinations and sports-inspired winter boots. The key is layering - staying warm while maintaining a look can make it on the street.

adidas Originals Blue S/S 2013/14

The adidas Originals Blue collection is a premium apparel and footwear line intertwining adidas's impeccable lifestyle heritage with a luxury street aesthetic.  Mixing functional sport utilitarianism with street attitude, the FW13 (Northern Hemisphere) collection perfectly combines the two sartorial disciplines by focusing on versatile trainers and clothes.  A sub-cultural edge if thrown into the mix, giving adidas Originals Blue an attitude worthy of any street corner in London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo or New York.

Prints clash but the colours match; adidas Originals Blue fuse all-over graphics, rock iconology, hip-hop culture, subversive camouflage and patterns from animal kingdom.  Innovative details, such as taped seams and technical zips, and high-tech water-repellent materials keep you on track.  Classic basketball uniforms share the court with running gear re-appropriated for inner-city life.


*Please be advised that we do not have all the styles photographed available to loan from the showroom.

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