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I Love Ugly

I Love Ugly is a small group of like-minded people brought together by their love of the art, fashion, industrial design and music.

The company was started in 2008 from the confines of designer Valentin Ozich's closet, and prides itself on offering premium menswear clothing and fashion accessories.

Their first stand-alone store opened in Mt Eden in early 2012, with a second concession store that opened at The Department Store in October 2012.  Their third retail pop-up venture opened in Wellington in early November.

I Love Ugly

I Love Ugly March Collection | 2014

With inspiration drawn from the brand's origins of illustration and graphic design, the latest offering focuses on printed fabrics and custom illustrations, such as the Cartoon Frankie Series, interpretations of old cartoons seen though a psychedlic lens, and the 'Big Flags' Capsule series, appearing as an all-over motif on a mix of outerwear, shirting and pants.

The range also features an extension in the brands formal category, with new patterned and speckled suiting and a reissue of the labels classic formal shirt in black, white and charcoal.


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