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Karen Walker Diamond

Karen Walker Diamond is the newest luxury statement from Karen Walker Jewellery.

Embodying the whimsy and charm of the Karen Walker brand, Karen Walker Diamond is a simple and elegant celebration of the world’s most cherished and sought-after gem.

The desire to create unique modern heirlooms has driven Karen Walker Jewellery since its inception, and this ambition underpins the Diamond collection.

Karen Walker Diamond

The first Karen Walker Diamond collection re-examines an item of jewellery revered as much in the world of fantasy as it is in real life: the engagement ring.

The first in a series of three stories within the range is based on a re-examination of the classic solitaire working across three principle diamond cuts: brilliant, princess and pear.  This part of the collection pares back the ring to its simplest form, focusing on the cut of the stone by framing it in a modern way.

A chic detail in each solitaire style is a daisy-shaped cut-out on either side of princess and brilliant cut settings and on one side of the pear cut setting which allows light to penetrate the setting to reveal the gem’s vivid qualities.

The stones are available in a selection of weights ranging from .10 carat to 1.30 carats with the pear and princess cuts available in four sizes and the brilliant cut in six sizes.

The second story in the Karen Walker Diamond collection celebrates posies of wild flowers, in this case the wax flower.  The series of four rings have different posies of flowers, each with diamonds held in their centres.

The final story continues the pansy series from Karen Walker Jewellery.  This time the enamel pansy in both small and large sizes is reworked with diamonds. The story goes from a simple, single, small pansy with a diamond centre to a cluster of three pansies totally encrusted with around 300 stones.

“Creating a range of jewellery that revels in the beauty of diamonds has been a real privilege” says Karen.

“Over the years we’ve had many Karen Walker Jewellery fans pick out a ring from our existing collection to have as their engagement ring and we’re thrilled to be able to create a new line that focuses on this idea.”

“The floral motifs look back to a lot of work in the Karen Walker archive which was a great place for us to start. We then pared back the concept to its most sincere form – gorgeous diamonds set simply.  These rings can ultimately have a life far beyond the ritual of engagement. Working with the craftspeople at Worth & Douglas made the process of creating a dream ring very simple.”

Each ring is available in yellow gold (9 carat, 14 carat and 18 carat), white gold, platinum or palladium and the Karen Walker girl can also choose the quality of her diamond based on clarity and colour.

Sales enquiries:

Worth & Douglas,, 09 303 4666

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